These fourteen pledges have a special place among the codes of conduct that have been prescribed to regulate family-life and to keep within the bounds of righteousness. It is necessary to prescribe a limit to such activities as eating food; drinking and other such tendencies by some rules which bring orders into life and provide it strength and firmness, it is obligatory on the part of Shravaks to observe those rules. These are vows to be taken as a daily routine. Of course, great care is necessary to follow them.


1. SACHCHITTA (raw vegetables and grains)
Determining the number and limit in respect of the use of things obtained from raw vegetables and grains.

2. DRAVYA (Eatables)
Limiting the number of eatables.

3. VIGAI (Vikriti)
Limiting the number of things relating to the six substances; viz, milk curds, ghee, oils, jaggery and fried substances.

4. VANAH (Upanah)
Determining the number relating to shoes, sandals etc., to be worn.

5. TAMBOL (betel nuts, betel leaves etc.)
Limiting the use of such things as betel nuts, betel leaves, cardomom, cloves etc., to keep the mouth pleasant-smelling.

6. VASTRA (clothes)
Fixing a limit to the clothes that are worn or used for bedding and covering and spreading.

7. PUSHP (flowers)
Fixing a limit for the use of flowers, garlands etc.

8. VAHAN (Vehicles)
Determining and limiting the number of vehicles to be used.

9. SHAYAN (Sleeping beds)
Determining and limiting the number of cots, beds and bedsteads to be used.

10. VILEPAN (Anointing articles)
Limiting the number or quantity in respect of such articles as puffs, powders, perfumes, sprays, scents etc., which are applied to the body.

11. BRAHMACHARYA (Celibacy)
Exercising a discipline over sexual life.

12. DISHA (Direction)
Determining limits regarding the distance to which one might go in the various directions.

13. SNAN (Bathing)
Taking a vow and fixing limits regarding bathing. The limits are that one may take a bath a certain number of times and use a certain quantity of water for a bath.

14. BHOJAN-PANI (Eating & drinking)
Determining a limit regarding the number of times one may eat food and the quantity of water to be consumed.