Many years ago, Jain families settled in Badagara-50Km away from Calicut, in south Indian state of Kerala. Even though they constitute a minuscule population they have always aspired for a collective awakening, culminating in establishing a full-fledged temple for their spiritual upliftment. For this, they constantly prayed in their hearts to lord Mahavir, that they remain ever service oriented and carry the unmistakable smile of sacrifice, brotherhood and peace!

In the year samvant 1995 (English calendar year 1940), the community leaders expressed a burning desire to build a temple albeit on a temporary basis. The venue demarcated was the building of M/S Mulji Ratanshy & co. with the blessings of Guru and the lord, dreams fructified with the installation of miraculous idol made of sandalwood depicting Lord Parshvanath, the 23rd Tirthankara and thus the make- shift temple was established.

Everyday, regular prayers, divine rituals and all activities connected with the temple are conducted in a very serene and harmonious atmosphere. The lord's idol is a veritable manifestation of the divine. Annual functions called Paryushan Parv (Jain festival) are conducted with great pomp and devotion and for every requirement there are people in large numbers ever anxious to provide the best offerings for the Lord.

The temple's income saw a steady rise and the perennial message of Jainism started spreading, bringing harmony and peace to everyone. Sanctification of the idol, which is known as "Anjan Shalaka" was done at Palitana in the Samvant year 2004, (1948 in the Gregorian calendar)

About 18 years ago spiritual master, Guru of Anchal-gatch sect, His holiness Acharya Shri Guna Sagarji Maharaj reached Calicut during his course of visiting South Indian states. He inspired the community to elevate the stature of the temple from a temporary venue to a permanent one. The highly motivated community found themselves duty bound to put Pujaya Gurudev's desire into action and in a few days a plot was purchased bringing tears of joy in their eyes and waves of spiritual rise in the hearts of the Jain community.

The community started taking steps for building a make-shift temple at the said plot and at this juncture spiritual master Param Pujaya Acharya Bhagawan Shri Kalaprabha Sagar Surviji Maharaj directed to install the idol of the lord Vimalnath Thirthankar Bhagawan and accordingly a very beautiful and enthralling idol was brought from Kutch- Takkaw, Gujarat and was installed with religious ceremony and holistic rituals. For further guidance, which was required for the construction of the temple, the authorities invited Shri Narendra Bhai Ramji Nandu, an ecclesiast and a high eulogizer of Jain prayer Navkar Mantra. He accepted the invitation and not only gave all the required guidance but also gave impetus to the construction-connected activities.

Finally the day everybody was so eager and for which everyone had worked so hard, arrived on Samavant 2052, Vaishak month and Sudh 2nd Friday. (Calendar date-19-4-1996) the foundation stone laying ceremony was held amongst all round celebration and chanting of religious slokas. The occasion was graced by his holiness, Param Pujya Shree Gunodai Sarag Surviji Maharaj Saheb.

The dream and aspirations of the community and the forefathers got fulfilled in the calendar year 1998 December month. From Kutch district of Gujarat, Asambia village, two awe-inspiring and extra-ordinarily beautiful idols of Bhagawan Shri Ananthnath Tirthankara and Bhagawan Shri Kunthunath Thirthankar were brought and installed in the newly constructed and highly adorable temple premises. From 17-2-1999 to 21-2-1999 Panchangnika (five days) celebrations were held and the idols were sanctified on 20-2-1999 with full religious honour and festive celebration all around.

The relentless and service oriented trustees the committee members and all the community as a whole are now engrossed in the construction of community hall and guesthouse as a further extension of the temple premises.