SUB:- Why the soul has to go thro happy and unhappy trends in the life.

One thing is to be very much kept in mind that Jainism believes in rebirth of souls and according to the deeds it has to pass through anyone of the 84 lakhs of forms and human being is one of those forms. Hence in its past life if the soul has earned by its deeds (good/bad) gyanavarniya etc ashta karma (eight deeds) then in the present life he has got to go through or deals or happiness as and when past karmas come into effect and quantum of such happy/ unhappiness depends upon the quantum of Karmas (deeds) arise. Hence Jainism explains/ teaches not to indulge in hatred (ie Dwesha) over attachment (ie raga) etc and with Samta Bhav (feelings) and with triyog of mind,speech and kaya(body) follow the Jainism to get supreme happiness which soul automatically experiences.

What is Jain Dharsan? It is to prepare your mind to quit the belongings(aparigrah) to become sage(muni/sadhu) and to accept samadhi maran ( i.e. to sit in one place in meditation(dhyan) forgetting daily routine life of taking food, water etc till the soul goes away. For this purpose nine principles (nav tatva) are: (1) knowing life/ lifeless (living/ nonliving) (2) Sanvar of ashtravas due to bad conduct (mithyatva, Avrat, Kashay, Pramad, Ashubh yog (attachment to sensual objects) (3) possibly doing good deeds by right conduct. (By Tapa annihilating the bad deeds (5) to be shukla paksh from Krishna Prakash. (6) achieve Samayik Ratnatraya (7) enter in Varnavarth (8) there by get last Bhav and by anhilating 4 ghadi and 4 Aghadi (form).


The world is full of living/ nonliving things. All the living things are capable of thinking and listening.. Madhya Lok is of unaccountable (Ashankhyata) yojan and in this unaccounted seas are there, where in there is Nagar (city) of unaccountable Vanvyantar, Jyotish Vimans and capital of unaccounted devatas. In the middle of this all there are 2 ½ (Adhee) dweeps where in there are 15 karmabhumi and 30 Akarmabhumi and 56 Antardweeps. In these 30 Akarma bhumi and 56 Antardweeps only yugalic human lead their happy life through and take rebirth of Devlok only. In 5 Bharat Kshetra and 5 Airavat Kshetra of these 15 Karmabhumi there are Utsarpinikal of 10 kroda krodi Sagropam and Avsarpinikal of 10 Kroda krodi Sagropam. Balance 5 karmabhumi are Mahavideha Kshetra and under 4th Aara Sukh/dukh at present, person born in these 15 Karmabhumi is only and only capable of getting liberation (the moksha) during the same Bhav when he is born. And hence Devas too wish and long for this rebirth but cannot. Narkee and tiryanch souls also cannot achieve moksha because of their wrong conduct (ie their kashay mohaniya karma) is in affect and hence incapable to follow right conduct (ie Sampurna Charitra Palan).

At present in Mahavideh Kshetra there are 20 Thirthankaras Virajman and 2 crore kevali and 2000 crore Sadhu/ Sadhvis in Vihar. We all fold join our hands lean our head and say koti koti (crores and crores) Vandan (namaskar/ bows) to them.


Their height of the body is 500 bows (dhanush), Vajravrushabh, Samavturashtha Samsthan, have 84 lakh purva life, and are lakshan Dharanhar (posses). They are prayed/ served by 64 Indras. They are without 18 dhosh (fault) and with 12 (guna) good qualities. Also with 8 pratiharya, 34 Atishayas, with 35 (guna) good qualities and capable of only truthful speech. All thirthankars and Kevali Bhagwants (Arihants) are trikal darshi ie. They have knowledge of past, (what happened) present (what is happening)and future (what is going to happen) of every being. As such they know what is in once mind and that too any and every moment of time. Swamy Bhaghwants are full of infinite knowledge, infinite Darshan, infinite faith and bliss, infinite power (veerya) and infinite Chourya. They are bodily moving and Suyogi keval gnan, keval Darshani posses. Charitra and with Samkit, Shukla Dhyan, Shukla leshya and shubh yoga. They are with Anant (infinite) gunas (good qualities) like Pandit Veerya etc etc.

In Madhya Lok and within 2 ½ dweep but out of Mahavideh Kshetra there are unaccountable tiryanch, Shravak/ Shravika. They have immense kindness for weak souls and they are with knowledge of ‘Navtatva’ and 21 good qualities (guna).

In Jambu dweep which is in the middle of Madhya Lok, there is Sudarshan meru of one lakh yojan height and jyotish Chakra of sun/ moon etc is about 1121 yojan away from Sudharshan meru. 2 meru mountains of two ardh pushkar dweep of ghatakeekhand are 84000 yojan high.

Urdhva Lok is many fold bigger than Madhya lok where in 12 Devlok, 9 Greveyak and 5 anuttar Vimans are there. Only falsehood and knowledges souls can approach the Geveyak Vimans whereas in Anuttar Vimans such soul are there which will gain liberation in few of their rebirths (Bhav). And in the Sarvasiddha (Devlok) Viman there are souls of (Bhavsaptam) devs. These soul will get the rebirth in human form and will get liberation (Moksha). Dev souls with their shubh Pudgals can get formed into limited Vaikriya body and also know different types of Avadhi gnan. Above Anuttar Viman is available ‘Siddhasheela, and having anhilated Ashta karmas (8 deeds) such Ananta Siddha, Niranjan and Nirakar souls occupying that Siddhasheela. Where there is one Siddha soul, there infinite siddha souls are expected to be welcome.

In the Avasarpini kal in this Jambudweep of bharat Kshetra with 15 Bheds and in 4th aara- 1st thirthankar Rishabhdev to 24th thirthankar Mahaveer swamy and many other souls have attained siddha gatie (form) with Anant Chovisi other Anant siddha souls are occupying mukti-sheela with endless, infinite waves (ie aatmik lahar). Hence Siddha Bhagwants are colourless (Avarn), odourless (Agandha) tasteless (Aras) not in idol form (Amurthi)

Also they are without feelings of hunger, sorrow, disease, grief, rebirth, oldage, death, deeds(good and bad), body etc. etc. and they are only with Bhav/pran (soul).

Adholok is more bigger than Urdhwalok, where seven Narkas and Bhavan patis. Dev Bhavans are available. Souls of powerful Chakravarties and among tiryanch cruel lion etc can go in the seventh narka if such souls have not adopted the way of Diksha etc. during that birth. Age of lifr (soul) of Narkee is like Devlok and according to 2 ½ dweeps of time it is not less than 10000 years and at the maximum it is 33 sagaropam. Difference in this that body of narkee is self created by Ashukh pudgals of Dandak Sansthan is always with anormous itching affect with unending hunger and unquenching thirst. Also they have to pass through all types of ordeals (troubles) vedana and only they are capable of coming out of Narkee Kshetra.

At all places of these three loks (ie Madhya, Urdhva, adho) and without Samyak Drishtee (blissful vision) these souls pass through infinite Pudagal Paravarthan and infinite times go through 4 Gaties, 24 Dandak and 84 lakh of Jivayories again and again but cannot get mukti from this world (samsar). After knowing this it is obvious that soul should follow Dharm Aaradhna with Samkit gyan (knowledge), darshan and Charitra (right conduct). And thereby only soul can attain ajaramar, unobstructed supreme happiness. With this mangal and blissful feelings……

-- By Virendra Jain, Kochi.