JAINISM - Indian Civilisation has produced many philosophies and religions. Among them is Jainism, one of the oldest religions in the world. Jains believe it to be an eternal religion.

In fact No religion of the World has explained the principle of Ahimsa [non-violence] so deeply and systematically as discussed, with its applicability in life, as Jainism. As and when this benevolent principle of Ahimsa will be sought for practice by the people of the world to achieve their ends of life in this world and beyond, Jainism is sure to have the uppermost status and Bhagawan Mahavira is sure to be respected as the greatest authority on Ahimsa.

Jainism is nature in the purest and truest form. Jainism is as old as nature, which has neither beginning nor any end. The mission of Jainism is the mission of nature, which is to work for the welfare of one and all, to rise from the pitfall of ignorance and inaction to the spiritual climax of infinite bliss and perfect knowledge. i.e. absolute freedom. (Moksha) Jainism is a religion based on cosmic principles, eternal principles on which this colossal machinery runs without any mistake or even a single momentary halt. The principles of modern science are true and temporary in particular context of space and time only, but the principles of Jainism are true for all time, for all space, for everybody and everything. Jainism throws light on the colossal structure of universe, its shape, size, origin, purpose and mechanism. It deals in perfect details with six realms out of which the universe is made. Everything that happens in the universe is according to the fixed pattern of eternal laws, which are unshakable and infallible.

A description of few fundamental concepts in Jainism is given here.