Kashay is the collective name given to the four Samjnas, anger, pride, deception and avarice. Kash means Samsar. Aay means Gain. So Kashaya is that which keeps the soul wandering through Samsar and which assists the progress of Samsar. In other words, Kashay is a condition born out of excitement or passion. The Nokashay is the name given to those propensities that cause the emergence and increase of that excitement or passion. They are of nine kinds.

Hasya : Laughing-laughing without reason.

Rati : Being pleased with trivival things.

Arati : Being displeased and angry.

Bhay : Fearing-being filled with fear.

Shok : Being sorrowful-being grief-stricken.

Jugupsa : Treating with contempt-making faces with dislike.

Strived : the desire to have contact with man.

Purush-ved : The desire to have contact with woman.

Napumsak-ved : The desire to have contact with woman and man.