Leshya is the effect that appears in the soul by the various colours that are latent in Karmayog (the bondage of Karma or the psycho-physical vibrations). Just as in the case of painting, colour is made to remain firm on account of the sticky substances like gum, the leshyas make the bondage of Karmas firm; and make it remain for a long time. Sorrow increases on account of the inauspicious leshyas; and on account of the auspicious leshyas, felicity increases. There is an example which illustrates the six kinds of leshyas.

Which Leshya?
Which Colour
The propensities
of actions of the man.
Where will he go after his death?

Krishna Black
Black like Collyrium
In this condition, man will be devoid of Dharma; he will have no kindness, or sympathy; he will be burning with jealousy; he will be angry; and will be steeped in animosity and malice.

Such a man goes to Hell.
Blue like the throat of a peacock.
In this condition, man will be lazy, haughty, cowardly, steeped in stupefying passions, and will be a cheat and a hypocrite.

He will be born as a tree, plant etc.
Brown like the throat of a pigeon.
In this condition, man will be gloomy, excited, dejected, despondent, lamenting calumniating others; praising himself and will lack mental poise.

He will be born as a bird or an animal.
The colour of the beak of the parrot.
The man who has this Leshya is religious, benevolent and thinks of what can be done and what should not be done. He has a wholesome and balanced personality.

After death, he will be born as a man.
Yellow like gold.
The man with this Leshya is forgiving by nature and makes sacrifices. He is very conscious; wakeful in the performance of austerities. He remains unaffected by joys and sorrows and is always cheerful.

After death, he goes to Devloka or the Heavenly world.
WHITE LIKE Cow's milk or a conch shell.
When the Jiva is firmly rooted in this Leshya he becomes omniscient; becomes totally free from attachments and hatred and becomes immersed in soul- experience and self- realization.

Such a man becomes Mukt. (freed) and attains salvation.