Mumukshu Mitra Mandal is a unique organisation with no hierarchy. It strongly believes in certain truths to be sacred and undeniable; the most important of all is that all men are created equal and independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, and liberty, and the pursuit of Moksha. With such depth of understanding of human equality, the members meet and interact on equal footing.

The group has been growing constantly with more and more people joining the force. Mumukshu has proved its metal many times, as an organization it aims to propagate the quintessence of Jainism and the teachings of Jain Tirthankaras and Gurus. Besides it also targets to impart the knowledge of Life and its importance. Generating Life Consciousness among one and all, and help follow the teaching of Lord Mahavir, "Live and Let Live".

It was in the first month of the year 1991, when a group of devout individuals participated in a shibir (a religious camp) held in Cochin. The same youngsters attended the Anjaan Salakha and Pratistha of Sri.Vasupujya Swami at Erode.

The naissance of Mumukshu Mitra Mandal took place at Erode. Gurudev Param Pujaya Acharaya Bhagwant Shrimad Vijay Jaysundersuriswarji Maharaj Saheb was also present for the ceremony at the temple. As the youngsters assembled around Guruji, little did they realize that this meeting could only be arranged by providence. Metaphorically giving a mirror to each of the individuals to see the reflection of their soul, Guruji introduced the concept of how to attain Moksha. When the act of reflection takes place in the mind, a new self hitherto unknown emerges in the light of the new knowledge.
One realizes that:

Life has three epochs,
And the first is like yesterday.
The soul is under their blessed vault,
And the body is in the bliss of their shadow.

In simple words the realization became a plea to "Free the Soul"

A need for a collective effort to attain this goal was felt. Guruji yet again helped in forming the group and christened it as Mumukshu Mitra Mandal. The etymological meaning of the word Mumukshu means, " We shall attain Moksha"

What is Moksha? Well, the complete destruction of all karmas that envelop the pure soul is called Moksha or salvation. When all karmas are completely destroyed the Atma- the soul becomes Paramatma or the supreme soul. After this state is attained the soul does not have birth and death. Moksha is the natural state of the soul. Only human beings can traverse up to the state of Moksha and attain it.

Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be many opinions, for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making. The soul to be subjected to higher powers, the mind has to be chiseled to perfection. Not to fall into the trappings of material world. A spiritual class, the first of its kind for the members was conducted by Smt. Vasuben Vora along with Smt. Veenaben Doshi on twenty sixth January nineteen ninety-one. To attain Independence, Mahatma Gandhi's slogan was "Quit India". Smt Vasuben gave us a call for achieving salvation "leave your body". It is a fact that only a human being will endure and ultimately triumph. He is immortal, not because he, alone among creatures, has an inexhaustible voice but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance.

In less than a decade of its formation an outstanding member of the Mandal Sri JITHESH BHAI ARVIND VORA paved the path to attain Moksha. It was on sixth December in the year nineteen ninety-eight that he gladly renounced the pleasures of worldly life leaving behind his friends and family. He became the disciple of Param Poojaya Shri Yahsovijaya Maharaj Saheb. He has made Mumukshu Mitra Mandal proud.

A man should feel confident concerning his soul. That person who has renounced the pleasures and fineries that go with the body, as being alien to him, and has considered them to result more in harm than in good, no doubt has pursued the pleasures that go with learning and made the soul fine with its own proper refinements, moderation and justice and courage and freedom and truth; thus the soul is ready for the journey to moksha, ready to attain salvation. Shri Jithesh Arvindbhai Vora is one soul who possessed such qualities.

Mumukshu Mitra Mandal is self-motivated in organizing religious activates regularly. The major activities are.

-- Bhakti Programme
-- Derasher Hygiene

-- Group Gyan Pooja
-- Encourage people to celebrate Non-Violent Diwali
-- Distribution of butter milk to any passerby belonging to any Caste or Creed.
-- To prepare a model as Satrunjay Tirth
-- To practice kindness towards all living beings
-- And a active participant in all the religious activities of the temple.

Each year on 'Mahavir Janam Vachan' day during "Paryushan", a considerable amount is collected from generous Jains. The sum is utilized in charity works. The beneficiaries include Orphanages, ashrams, and Government hospital, Vardhaman Seva Kendra, Dholka; Gujarat, managed by Sri Kumarpal. V. Shah. The Trust Board and the community members wholeheartedly support each activity of Mumukshu Mitra Mandal.

Mumukshu Mitra Mandal is creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making people spiritually happy, giving them peace, however it is essential and to be expected to discipline each of the members to follow the path of Jain Way Of Life. To be an architect of such an arduous mission itself is a great achievement.

Free my soul, I pray, to go in search of Salvation
Unembroidered by life's highs, soft pleasures,
Along that stony path the senses may pave.