Making atonement Prayaschitta for the faults and derogations of our daily life and to repent our sinful actions. Endeavouring to bring back the soul that has lost its way in the meshes of outward actions and pursuits. The Prathikraman performed in the early morning is called Ratrik Prathikraman and the prathikraman performed in the evening is called Daivasik Prathikraman. In addition to these, there are other Pratikramans which can be performed.

They are :-

(1) The Pakshik Pratikraman performed on the 15th day Poornima/Amavas of every fortnight; the Chaturmasik Pratikraman performed every four months once and the Samvatsari Pratikraman performed once in a year on the fourth day of Bhadrapada- the bright fortnight.

The prayashchit or the atonement or self-purification for the cleansing of the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly.